Toyland Tomaro - Tom to us! 
Imported from the USA,Tom is perhaps the only Sabino marked horse in Europe.  (genetically tested heterozygous for Sabino1) - and he also carries the 'Splash' blue eyed  gene. An interesting fact is Toms  rare markings are most often seen in larger horses such as the British Clydesdale (Sabino) and Criollo or mustangs (Splash) .   


Sabino generally gives a white head, white legs and white belly markings. The term sabino means "pale red" or sometimes "roan" in Spanish. However sabino is genetically distinct from roan and is caused by different genes. The roan colour which shines almost purple in the sun is typical of Sabino.  The splash gene gives an effect of being dipped in white paint and this can be stunning.

Tom was imported from the USA  and we were lucky enough to be able to buy him very recently.  Tom is registered with the Stamboek in Holland.   Tom is extremely refined and elegant despite been shown here in his winter coat! Tom is eligable for registration in any Falabella studbook in the world. His progeny are stunning! A high proportion of his foals have blue eyes.