Our Studairial photo of house

Hi - Merrylegs Miniature Falabella horse stud is situated in Britany, France. STOP!
**Don't Worry! - We are probably closer to you than you think!

* Being in France doesn't mean we don't produce the best horses in Europe ( in our opinion) at the best and most realistic prices, (most breeders don't even give a price) or that we cannot transport your chosen horse to you quickly, cheaply and efficiently!
* We also pride ourselves on the information, videos and pictures we provide on request!

If you wish to ask any questions please go to our 'contact' page and fill in the form. We will answer any queries quickly.  Just click here.

Telephone 0033- 296465328 and we can ring you straight back or email sharon@falabellacheval.com or click here for contact form

If you wish to visit then of course you are most welcome.  We are quite easy to find but do need notice.

 About our horses

Many of our foals are featured in Calendars and Magazines here in France as well because of their beauty and rarity... and we also have pretty spectacular stallions, one of whch (originally from the USA) is Toyland Tomaro or Tom as we call him.  He brings us the very rare sabino colour and also 'splash' and might be the only one of his colour in Europe.

Our Falabella Breeding

We are very careful about what we breed and  select our falabella horses for conformation and temperament  and our horses are elegant like true miniature horses. We follow the breeding standards laid down by the main studbook in Holland which works directly with the Falabella stud in Argentina.  Contrary to some peoples ideas, according to the standards These horses are not meant to look like arabs but like a true miniature horse with variations in height and head type!

Merrylegs Galadriel - this rare blue eyed filly has ben sold to Chater Valley farm in Rutland UKOur pure bred Horses are all Fully Papered, pedigreed, and registered with either the British Falabella studbook or the European Falabella stamboek in Holland..  In addition some are also registered with the Falabella miniature horse association of America (FMHA) as well. If we state that our horses are pure bred their lines can be tracked back to the ranch in Argentina and they are DNA tested to prove their heritage.  Some of our horses are registered also with the ACCF - the Argentine studbook which means that their lines are direct 'Falabella' lines.

Responsible Breeding and high welfare standards- we also follow a policy of responsible breeding so we do not inbreed more than 5% where possible - hence our inbreeding database on our main menu - and we do not sell any horses until they are ready to go. Our horses are vaccinated from birth against tetanus and septicemia and then at just under a year of age we give a course of Equine flue and tetanus vaccine.  If the horses are exported,  (which most are) they are all health inspected by our vet. These welfare standards are higher than any UK breeding establishment and most in Europe.