How to buy your dream horse

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You can pay in Uk Sterling £ or euros - the euros to £ will be calculated for the total amount at the time you decide to buy even if you pay by installments. The price shown on the website in Euros is the correct price.  The conversion shown to £s or $s may be slightly higher than the true price !

Deposit -
If you decide that you would like to buy a horse from Merrylegs the procedure is simple.  Contact me by email or telephone with any questions and then when you are completely satisfied you will be asked to pay a 25% deposit to secure the horse. After 3 months we ask for another 25% in all cases.  The balance is always due prior to the horse/s leaving here, or not more than 5 months after the first deposit.

If you are buying a foal then you must wait until the foal is 6 months old before it can leave its mother and then you must pay the balance for the horse.  No horse can leave the stud without being paid for.

If you are buying an in foal mare she must leave here at the latest 2 months prior to foaling unless the journey is short. 

Installments.  - we do offer monthly installments.  The horse remains here and remains our property until it is fully paid for.  We can discuss this by email or telephone.

Insurance - if you wish to insure the horse while it stays here  then it is up to you to arrange this. 

Transport.  We do not transport horses ourselves but rely on AG Transport for most of our deliveries. We can arrange this for you and also export facilties and quarantine.  The transporters must be paid direct on delivery if you do not qualify for free transport. AG Transport has no connection at all with Merrylegs Falabellas apart from being our transporter of choice.