All My Falabella Stallions and Colts Are Now Sold.  My Stud is Closing and I Shall Now Retire. 
Thank you Little Horses..

When you buy a Falabella colt or stallion from Merrylegs Falabellas you know you are getting something of quality that is rare and unique not only because the breed is rare but also our colours are rarely found in the rest of Europe. 
We also provide  up to date photographs and videos so you know exactly what you are buying.



Toyland Tomaro - Tom to us! RESERVED FOR IRELAND
Imported from the USA,Tom is perhaps the only Sabino marked horse in Europe eith the exception of one of his offspring in Holland.  (he is genetically tested heterozygous for Sabino1) - and he also carries the 'Splash' blue eyed  gene. An interesting fact is Toms  rare markings are most often seen in larger horses such as the British Clydesdale (Sabino) and Criollo or mustangs (Splash) .  Height 86/87 cms

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falabella stallion P1012282a  

 Micatos Montana - or Monty to us! Stallion RESERVED FOR POLAND

TOYLAND TOMASINO ex TOYLAND PATIA Monty is a rare Blue eyed Overo Falabella Stallion from American import parents. He is  truely stunning and has to be seen to be believed.  Not only does he have the most amazing natural carriage but he also passes this on to his offspring as well. One of his first sons was sold to Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum The Crown Prince of Dubai and now lives in his palace in Dubai!


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 Merrylegs Javier Fantasma Corriendo - RESERVED FOR POLAND
(Spanish for Javier running ghost)

A wish come true! My first Medicine Hat Foal - with Blue eyes too!

This colt was born on5th July 2014 - from Toyhorse Chicodove and by Toyland Tomaro.  He could be the first one in Europe of this colour  but he is definately the first one of any quality!. Height 83cms

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His name is Spanish for Wasp! Born 10th July 2014 to Borgia who is now in Poland, and Monty - he is 83cms and  a striking pinto  colt with one blue eye

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