P1014901Here are some general group pictures of some of our 2010 foals.  We use this area for people who have bought babies from us and are waiting for their delivery.  Here they can see up to date photos of their horses.




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Flynn - Born on 30th April 2010 SOLD TO SPAIN

Dam Falabella Josefina, Sire Falabella Otero, this simply Fabulous palomino foal with an amazing 'Look at me' show quality and attitude will make a fantastic herd sire or show horse.  He always tail flags, is light on his feet and stunning. Purebred Palomino colt who will be eligible for any studbook in the world and registered with ACCF in Argentina

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Dam Looking Glass Sky Blue Baby, Sire Maverick.  This is just the second foal for this teeny mare - our smallest pure bred Falabella born at just 20 inches high.  Freddy, a rare Buckskin Tobiano, (could throw Palpmino, Buckskin, Smoky Black, and he could possibly Appaloosa too as his mother is a snowflake pinto.  This rare Golden Buckskin Tobiano,  when crossed with a Palomino could produce a Perlino!! He  will be registered with the European Falabella Studbook and of course is 100% pure bred Falabella.


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 frod1Merrylegs Fearless Frodo - Sold
Born on 1st Sptember. A beautiful Palomino with Tobiano markings and a very sweet blaze and snip.  He is gorgeous and another stunning boy from our Falabella stallion Burt and out of our Falabella Blend mare Beamish. Only 20" at birth - this one will be very small as an adult.


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Merrylegs Festonbloom SOLD
Dam Merrylegs Chesea girl, Sire Amadeous, this Pintaloosa Falabella blend colt has been bred to show. His mother reflects the amazing good looks of his grandmother Minstrels Magic Wand - now sadly deceased.. .SOLD


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P1014283a Merrylegs Freyja SOLD TO SPAIN

Born on 24th July.  Our first Falabella blue eyed filly from Monty.  She is amazing, very refined and petite!
Mum is Bafana, one of our smallest and most refined mares.


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Merrylegs Funnyside SOLD TO SPAIN

Born on 6th June.  Funnyside is absolutely stunning - he is the smallest  Falabella colt foal we have bred and the most perfect in proportion - just 19" at birth.  Watch this space as he develops.  He will be snapped up for breeding!! Funnyside is a chestnut Tobiano out of our pure Falabella Dash with Starlite Lupus (Tobiano Palomino) as the father.  I have never seen such an exquisite foal. 


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