2011 Foals

P1015901aMerrylegs Geronimo
Pure bred Falabella colt

This is our first Pure bred Falabella colt of the year.  He was also our first Blue eyed Overo.  Born on 21st May this little boy is a dark liver chestnut minimal overo.  His eyes are bright blue and he has a wide blaze and minimal socks to his hind legs.

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Snapshot - 108 Merrylegs Gitan Rouge
This foal is a mini arab with an extreme dished head.  He was born on 31st May - and was tiny at birth - 19.5 " so will be a small stallion. He  has bright saphire blue eyes, 4 socks and a broad white blaze. 100% Falabella.  He gets better every day.

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P1016546Merrylegs Giulietta

Born on 9th August an elegant Chestnut filly to Fanny and Toyhorse Born to be Wild .  She is so leggy and fine we just cannot wait to see her in a few months time.  Fanny is 'Falabella Fantasia ', a direct import from the Falabella ranch in Argentina.   

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P1015218Merrylegs Great Gusto

Born 23rd April 2011 during a windy and thundery storm, he is our first 2011 foal.  Gus is from our very small mare Merrylegs Dancing Queen.  She is only half Falabella , but Gus's father is Starlite Lupus who is pure bred, this makes Gus 3/4 Falabella.  His grandfather is Looking Glass Argentine Sunshine.

Gus is very tiny, very flashy and straight, he is just like a mini thoroughbred with a really fine coat.  Mum and dad are 2 of our smallest horses.

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