2012 Foals

P1019334aMerrylegs Habibi

Habibi or 'My love' in English is a beautiful jet black arabian type Falabella filly with a white overo highlight! 
 dob 16/3/012
Mum is Bafana Bafana - our best home bred mare whose father Maverick is now in Norway  

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Merrylegs Hada Madrina (fairy godmother) RETAINED
Madi was born on 21st October 2012 .  She is very , very small but in perfect proportion.  Madi is eligible for ACCF registration (Argentinian studbook) as her mother 'Fanny' is imported form Argentinia and her Father  'Burt' is already registered with Argentina as both his parents were direct imports

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Merrylegs Hallelujah
Born on 23rd April - Hal is a blue eyed overo colt with an extreme arab head and loud colours. He's 3/4 bred, 1/4 being American.  Fabulously pretty!   

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Merrylegs High HopesMerrylegs HighHopes

Born on 8th April - Easter day - HighHopes is a fabulous showy colt.  He has lovely long legs and with mum being a pinto should give you a bit of colour!    

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Merrylegs Hirondelle
Born on 28th April - Hirondelle is the first foal from Hannah.  This sweet filly is a soft chestnut colour and has a beautiful arab head.    

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Merrylegs Hokus Pokus
Born on 13th May - this is the sister of Gitan. Mum  is Falabella Josephina and Dad is Monty .  She is a stunning arab type,  very leggy with four socks and the overo blaze and blue eyes.    

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Merrylegs Hoshi
Born on 29th August, Hoshi is a very, very small colt.  His mother is 100% American and dad is our pure Falabella stallion Burt

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Merrylegs HugmeHenry

Henry is a superb arabian type colt foal with a superb head and outstanding white 'matchstick' legs. Born the 1st April he's no fool!!  

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Merrylegs Hullabaloo
Born 19th April 2012Beautiful arab filly from our rare overo lines with bright blue eyes.  This filly is what we've been breeding for - she is stunning!   

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