2013 Foals


Merrylegs Immaculado SOLD TO UK
Born on 12th April -' Mac' a very small  colt will be jet black.  His mother is Bafana Bafana  and dad is Monty.
our blue eyed Stallion. He is very very fine with a sweet arab type head.

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Merrylegs Ingrato VII SOLD TO FRANCE
Born on 23rd June - Ingrato is tiny and perfect.  Mum is  import Toyland Tiarra Anne and Dad is  import Toyland Tomaro. 

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Merrylegs Iona SOLD TO UK
Born on 29th May - a bay Appaloosa filly. Dad is Guiness.  Iona will spot out completely to become leopard spotted.

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Merrylegs Ilegara Lejos (she'll go far) SOLD TO JAKARTA

Yet another stunning foal from Yoyo (Falabella Josephina) and Monty.

Born on 31st May she is a blue eyed overo with white legs, a blaze and oh so pretty!!! Lejos will be for sale at weaning.

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Merrylegs Iluminado Siempre RETAINED BY STUD

His name means 'Always Alight' 
Our first foal from Tom and Minnie. Born on 17th April this boy will wow the girls!!! He is the only onle of his colour in Europe we believe and is a Sabinoloosa with bright blue eyes, white legs, a white splash on his belly and a broad white blaze. - really!!! and so photogenic with an extreme dished face.

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Merrylegs Imprevisor SOLD TO DUBAI

 Blue Eye!

Born on 27th April to Chicodove and Tom, this lovely white legged colt with one bright blue eye is a stunner! Its so rare to have such a beautiful star on a Falabella! - He will  be jet black and white as an adult 


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Merrylegs Indio de Verano (Indian summer) SOLD TO JAKARTA INDONESIA

Its a boy!!! - born 23rd April  to mother Hannah and father Burt -this colt will be registered in Argentina (ACCF) as well as the FSE in Holland.  His loud colour is amazing and he also has a blaze - this is so unusual in Falabellas.. Indio will be for sale when weaned.

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Merrylegs Infanta Belleza Negra SOLD TO HUNGARY

Born on 29th July a filly - whose name translates as Merrylegs Black Princess.

Her father is our smallest stallion Starlite Rocketman,, soon to leave for the far east and mother is toyhorse Princess Borgia. 


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Merrylegs Inspiracion 

Born on 18th April - 'Incy' will be jet black.  His mother is Dash and dad is 'Burt' our tiny Palomino ACCF stallion. This boy will be coal black and just under 33" or 84cms

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Merrylegs Irisado Cara Blanca (Iridescent white face)SOLD TO CYPRUS

 Our 3rd foal from Tom and Tippis' 1st!. Born on 5th May this lovely Sabino colt with an extreme dished, bald face, and white legs will probably spot out to be Appaloosa too making him Sabinoloosa!  Such a rarity ...and he's so fine and tiny we think he will make a marvellous stud stallion when he grows up.

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Merrylegs Isadora SOLD TO FRANCE
Born on 30th March - our first foal of the year and she's a filly. Isadora is a 3/4 part bred dark bay filly from Chelsea and by our lovely blue eyed stallion Monty. 

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Merrylegs Icarus - Part bred Falabella (we call him Ian)  SOLD TO FRANCE
Born on 8th October this foal was a big surprise for us.  He is part bred by Micatos Montana out of Merrylegs Desdimona. What a beauty!

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