2014 Foals


Merrylegs Jicote

His name is Spanish for Wasp!
Born 10th July to Borgia and Monty - a striking pinto  colt wth one blue eye.

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 Merrylegs Javier Fantasma Corriendo NOT FOR SALE
(Spanish for Javier running ghost)

A wish come true! My first Medicine Hat Foal - with Blue eyes too!

This foal was born on5th July 2014 - from Toyhorse Chicodove and by Toyland Tomaro.  He could be the first one in Europe of this colour and we are soooo pleased with him.

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P1011451aMerrylegs Jamás olvidaré
His name means never give up in Spanish  -Born 2nd June this is an exceptionally pretty colt. He has 4 socks and lovely minimal pinto markings on each side. Mum is Bella (Majella Born to be Fantastic) and he is the grandson of our own Falabella Fantasia and Starlite lupus (Burt) 


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Merrylegs Juego del Corro SOLD TO CYPRUS
Born 29th May , this is a stunning jet black overo colt.  His name means 'Ring around a rosey' . Hullabaloo is the mother (father Monty) and Dad is Burt our ACCF reg Palomono stallion so this foal will stay small.

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P1010883aMerrylegs Juanita NOT FOR SALE
The name is Spanish for 'Gods Gift'

She was born on 21st May 2014 and is a beautiful Pintallosa (Pinto and Appalooss) filly.  Juanita is extremely fine and elegant. 

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Merrylegs Jezebel SOLD TO SWEDEN

this beautiful Palomino (minimalTobiano?) filly was born on10th May.  She has 4 tiny white socks and white markings on her rear!!  Her mother is our lovely Giulietta and Father is our Tobiano Palomino Burt.   She is perfect!

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P1012101aMerrylegs Jessica SOLD TO FRANCE
This filly is part bred from our lovely girl Chelsea by the lovely Tom  She has 4 white legs and is a minimal pinto with a beautiful white stripe down her shoulder.  Jessica is for sale.

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Merrylegs Juan Hombron SOLD TO POLAND

Born 27th April, this lovely leggy pinto is by our lovely stallion Tom.  Mum is Merrylegs Dash of Class. With 4 white legs and that gorgeous dished face he is pretty stunning!

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Merrylegs Jemima -  SOLD TO FRANCE part bred AMHA X Falabella
Born 26th April to Dixie and Burt. a delightful tiny teeny little smokey black filly. She will be for sale.

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Merrylegs Jakinda- we call her Jackie!
Her name means Hyacinth in Spanish

This gorgeous Falabella filly was born 22nd April to Tippi and Toyland Tomaro who we call Tom.  She is a bay  appaloosa filly.  Hopefully she will be marked just like her mum but we can already see some white socks! She is so refined!

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Merrylegs Jacenta SOLD TO HUNGARY P1010301a

Her name means 'flower'in Spanish.  Born 21st April , she's the spit of 'Easter Hero' and our old stallion Maverick. Mum is Hannah and dad is Rocket Man now in Jakarta -

She will be accf registered and eligible for registration in any Falabella studbook in the world.


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Merrylegs Joya Ludica SOLD TO HUNGARY
Her name means Playfull Gem- this Jet black tiny filly is  a minimal overo with one blue eye!

Born on Easter Sunday to Pattie (full sister to Monty) with Stoopschaar's Julio Ceasar as dad(Now on his way to Norway)- This filly is very, very  special.

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Merrylegs Jerónimo
This is a stunning - ( to die for!) - Black Leopard spotted appaloosa Falabella colt
Born 18th April to Falabella Fantasia (Fanny)  and RG Starlite Ganymede (Guiness who is now in the UK) - this colt is fantastic. 

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Merrylegs Jugador de Manos - SOLD TO SWEDEN

We call him 'Mani'

His name means Conjurer. A fabulous colt born on 14th April from Bafana Bafana perhaps our best home bred mare.  Her foals always fly off somewhere literaly!.  Dad is the stunning  Monty and that says it all.  This colt has the 'overo' factor with blue eyes, a blaze and probably socks as well.  He is also very, very small and fine.


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Merrylegs Jaspeado- This super Appaloosa colt is for sale.
Born 11th April 2014 - A gorgeous Appaloosa! - His name is Spanish for marbled or spotted .  Jaspeado has perfectly marked white socks to his knees.  He has a distinctive,  beautiful,  broad white blaze - The spots are coming already!!!.  It's all about colour here at Merrylegs and this chap has it all!



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Merrylegs Jazz SOLD TO THE UK
This Skewbald Tobiano Falabella filly was our second foal of 2014.  Born 6th April 2014, she's wonderful!! - Mum is Seraphina and dad is our ACCF stallion Burt. She is the first filly that Seraphina has had in a long while so this was a real surprise. This gorgeous  filly will be for sale.



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Merrylegs Jubilosa Chiquilla
  ( Merrylegs Joyful Child)
She was our first Falabella filly of the year born 2nd Feb 2014. She is small and sweet and a rare smoky black colour .

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