2015 Foals


Merrylegs  Micropunto

Microdot is his name and he is already spoken for along with his mother Cashara. He was born on   30th July.

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Merrylegs Libertango

Born 22nd April to Tippi and Monty this colt is a bright bay splash with two blue eyes , blaze and socks!!! WOW!

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Merrylegs Lejos de Aqui 
 His name means 'far from here' in Spanish.  He was born on the morning of 5th April 2015.  He has a lovely white blaze and white legs .. Dad is Tom (Toyland Tomaro)  and mum is Yoyo (Falabella Josefina)

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Merrylegs Livin La Vida Loca

Born 3rd April , she is a stunner.  Loca is the daughter of Bafana Bafana and Toyland Tomaro. She is jet black with two white socks behind. Bafana Bafana always has our most stunning and correct foals.

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Merrylegs Loba de Oro (Golden she wolf in Spanish) SOLD TO SWEDEN

 Born 31st March, our first foal of 2015.  She is the daughter of the late Starlite Lupus  and Falabella Daria from the Falabella ranch in Argentina. She will one day be ACCF registered. She is Palomino (golden) in colour.

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