Falabella Mares & Fillies For Sale

All My Falabella Mares and Fillies Are Now Sold.  My Stud is Closing and I Shall Now Retire. 
Thank you Little Horses..

When you buy a  Mare or Filly Foal from Merrylegs Falabellas you know you are getting something of quality that is rare and unique not only because the breed is rare but also our colours are rarely found in the rest of Europe. 
We also provide  up to date photographs and videos so you know exactly what you are buying.

fanny and foal  

Falabella Fantasia RESERVED FOR POLAND

'Fanny' to her friends  was imported direct from the Falabella ranch in Argentina  a few years ago. She is 34" high and stunning to look at. She is 13 1/2 years old.


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Merrylegs Hada Madrina (fairy godmother) Retained
Madi was born on 21st October 2012 .  She is very , very small but in perfect proportion.  Madi is eligible for ACCF registration (Argentinian studbook) as her mother 'Fallabella Fantasia' is imported form Argentinia and her Father 'Burt' who died recently is already registered with Argentina as both his parents were direct imports. Height 80/81 cms

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Beautiful blue eyed red pintaloosa imported from the USA to Holland and bought by myself two years ago.  She carries the splash gene which gives good colour and blue eyes

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Pintolino of Mallards or Pippi to us! RESERVED FOR POLAND

 Pippi is a beautiful 7 year old pintaloosa (pinto with spots) - she is  also a lovely light varnished appaloosa grey in colour which is a first for us.  She's by Falabella Andino out of Falabella AF Holiday

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Merrylegs Bafana Bafana RESERVED FOR POLAND
 Merrylegs Bafana Bafana is simply stunning. She is by our stallion Maverick and out of Bella.  Bafana is registered with the European Falabella Studbook and is of course DNA tested and a pure blood Falabella.  Because of her petitness she has lovely teeny but perfect foals. Height 85/86 cms

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