Micatos Montana - or Monty to us!
TOYLAND TOMASINO ex TOYLAND PATIA Monty is a rare Blue eyed Overo Falabella Stallion from American import parents. He is  truely stunning and has to be seen to be believed.  Not only does he have the most amazing natural carriage but he also passes this on to his offspring as well. One of his first sons was sold to Sheik Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum The Crown Prince of Dubai and now lives in his palace in Dubai!



Monty is DNA tested and 100% pure falabella blood. He is stunning   Monty is registered with the British Falabella Studbook which is accepted by the Falabella European Studbook (Stamboek). He is eligable for registration in any Falabella studbook in the world.  If you buy an overo Falabella in France or the UK it will be from Monty - The blue eyes and blaze are very,very distinctive and are part of this very rare gene. 

The overo gene has its good sides and its bad side! - Yes it looks wonderful but it is sometimes called the 'lethal white gene' because if you breed two horses together with this gene they can produce a white foal which wil die very soon after birth. This is why we breed Monty to unrelated mares with no overo gene.  The Lethal white overo gene is totally differant to the 'Splash' blue eyed gene which our stallion 'Tom' carries.



2009 Offspring


Equuleus_macarthur_park3limelights_union_jack3 sold to crown prince of dubaiequuleus_SKYLARK3





2010 Offspring


02192bb unnamed equuleus montague terrace in blue equuleus hallelujah














 2011 offspring






2012 Foals

Merrylegs Hullabaloo

Merrylegs Habibi

 Merrylegs HalelujahHokus Pokus








2013 Foals

Merrylegs Immaculado