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 This is Rafal :)

Our first falabella horse. He came to us from a seller from Holand. Ha was 1,5 years old then and very frightened. But because we were dreaming about having a pure falabella horses we bought him without thinking. And since that moment our adventure with falabellas began.

 His father is Toyland Marco Polo and mother Nueva van de Vennen. He is very small because he has only 67cm but really huge in his heart. He seems that he is a big horse. He growned here with a fresian mare that we bought at the same time. And because he was young and tiny when he came to us all our other horses tried to get him off the herd. So when he was attacked by them he was hidding under Janka's (the fresian mare) belly and noone could touch him !

And that is the story of very small horse with really big heart :)

He was born on 16 of March 2012 and is pure black.