Toyland Rembrandt

Born on 25th of April 2017 and imported directly from Toyland Falabella Ranch in USA. He is from Falabella AF Varon and out of Toyland Chiqia. He is 72cm tall. Black appaloosa.

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Armani to us! 

He was imported from Holand as one of our first pure falabella horse. He is nice in conformation and very gentle in character.

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Toyland Pamera SOLD TO UK

Appalossa possibly 'few spot' Imported from the USA to Holland as a foal and bought by myself just two years ago. She will be covered by one of our stallions before leaving

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Toyland Tomaro - Tom to us! RESERVED FOR IRELAND
Imported from the USA,Tom is perhaps the only Sabino marked horse in Europe eith the exception of one of his offspring in Holland.  (he is genetically tested heterozygous for Sabino1) - and he also carries the 'Splash' blue eyed  gene. An interesting fact is Toms  rare markings are most often seen in larger horses such as the British Clydesdale (Sabino) and Criollo or mustangs (Splash) .  Height 86/87 cms

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Merrylegs Meoquanee SOLD TO FRANCE- PART BRED

Born 7th April, Meo is a rare medicine hat filly foal.  She is totally white with the exception of a hat of black, a shield on her chest and a partial black tail.  Her eyes are blue Dad is Monty

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TCS Tornado Bandita SOLD TO ITALY

Imported from Holland, foaled April 2013, this is a darling little filly. She comes from the best USA Toyland breeding.... and is so tiny and just under 3 years old. . Height 78/79 cms

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Toyland Tomaro - Tom to us! 
Imported from the USA,Tom is perhaps the only Sabino marked horse in Europe.  (genetically tested heterozygous for Sabino1) - and he also carries the 'Splash' blue eyed  gene. An interesting fact is Toms  rare markings are most often seen in larger horses such as the British Clydesdale (Sabino) and Criollo or mustangs (Splash) .   

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Merrylegs Imprevisor 2 yr old SOLD TO DUBAI

 Unexpectedly reavailable - Born on 27th April 2013 to Chicodove and Tom  , this lovely white legged Tovero colt with  1 light blue eye is a stunner! and its so rare to have such a beautiful star on a Falabella! - He will probably be jet black and white as an adult. 

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 Merrylegs Dancing queen SOLD TO UK
Dancer is approx 70% Falabella.. She is a joy to own , a lovely size and has an exquisit head. She is very good with children but hasn't actually been ridden as such

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Merrylegs Inspiracion 3 yr old  SOLD TO ITALY
Born on 18th April 2013 - 'Incy' is very small .  His mother is Dash and dad is 'Burt' our tiny Palomino ACCF stallion. This boy is only 75cms (29.5") at 3 years of age.. Incy is reduced to make way for this years foals. Height 79/ 80cms


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Merrylegs Minusculo noche - SOLD TO SWEDEN

Minu is his name and he was born on  2nd April.  He is appaloosa and his mother is Toyland Pamera and father Toyland Exquiso. Teeny small as 16.5" (42cms) at birth

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Micatos Little Piaffe SOLD TO SWEDEN

Teeny bay 5 1/2 year old filly imported from Ireland a few years ago. She shares a father with Monty. Sold with two foals at foot

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Merrylegs Hada Madrina (fairy godmother) Retained
Madi was born on 21st October 2012 .  She is very , very small but in perfect proportion.  Madi is eligible for ACCF registration (Argentinian studbook) as her mother 'Fallabella Fantasia' is imported form Argentinia and her Father 'Burt' who died recently is already registered with Argentina as both his parents were direct imports. Height 80/81 cms

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 Merrylegs Desdemona  SOLD TO UK
75% Falabella 25% AMHA
The product of 3 generations of breeding, Dessy is small, and has an exquisite face and long, long,  Dam Ranscombes Jubilee, Sire Maverick who is now in Norway.  

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Father  Tom . Dam, Minnie, born on 17th April 2013. He is nearly 2 years old and gets better and better.  He is just 75 cm or 30" .  He is the only one of his colour in Europe, appaloosa with bright blue eyes. (splash gene - No overo), white legs,  and a broad white blaze.

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 P1015150h electric lady

Merrylegs Electric Lady - E.D. 75% Falabella SOLD TO FRANCE

E.D. combines the colour, poise and character of the best Falabellas and miniature horses we have had.

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Merrylegs La Bamba  SOLD TO FRANCE
This super filly was born on 7th May. 
She is 3/4 Falabella-She migth carry the blue eyed overo gene NOT PURE BRED

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Merrylegs Jaspeado - SOLD TO FRANCE
Born 11th April 2014 - A gorgeous Appaloosa! - His name is Spanish for marbled or spotted .  Jaspeado has perfectly marked white socks to his knees.  He has a distinctive,  beautiful,  broad white blaze - The spots are coming already!!!.  It's all about colour here at Merrylegs and this chap has it all!

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Micatos Pattis Girl  SOLD TO POLAND

This lovely mare is the full sister to our stunning stallion Monty. She is so sweet and is a very minimal overo - What is that? - well she carries the rare Overo (blue eyes, white blaze) gene but does not show it.

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Merrylegs Lloro Por Ti  SOLD TO FRANCE
This gorgeous colt was born on 16th April 2015 .  His name means " I  cry for you"  in spanish and is the name of a song. He is 3/4 Falabella

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Merrylegs Juego de Niñas SOLD TO THE UK

We call  her Nina -Her name means 'childs play in Spanish' -This amazing filly was born  22nd April 2014 .. Her father is Stoopchaar's Julio Ceasar (now in Norway) and mum is Evanda.  This filly is possibly Appaloosa as well as a Pinto - making her Pintaloosa

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Born on 21st May
She is 1/2 Falabella and 1/2 AMHA.  She is teeny tiny and buckskin pinto in colour we think  NOT PURE BRED

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Majella Born to be Fantastic - SOLD TO POLAND

 Age 4 years height 34"/86cms - This lovely mare is the daughter of our horses Fanny (Falabella Fantasia) and Burt (Starlite Lupus).  She is a minimal Pinto (perhaps smoky black) 

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Toyhorse Chicodove SOLD TO ITALY

 She is the great Grand Daughter of Arabesque our oldest Falabella . We are awating her foal in July.  Chico is nearly 17 years old. Height 83cms



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Merrylegs Hullabaloo SOLD TO POLAND
Rising 2 yrs, born on 18th April 2012 from homebred Dash  by Monty. This beautiful arabian type falabella  filly from our rare overo lines with a rare bright blue eye is going to Poland.  'Baloo' is stunning and so affectionate!

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Merrylegs Jakinda-  Appaloosa!  SOLD TO THE UK

Her name means Hyacinth in Spanish

Such a sweet and friendly 2014 Appaloosa filly.  Her head is so refined and fine.  Jakinda will have spots soon.  They are already showing on her rump! Born 22nd April 2014 to Tippi and Tom she is a bay  appaloosa filly. 

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Dainty of Mallards SOLD TO ITALY

 Dainty is very petit and perfectly in proportion.  She must be the smallest mare we have. She is 10 years old and a minimal Tobiano (pinto) Height 79/80 cms

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Merrylegs Dash of Class SOLD TO THE UK

She is our beautiful home bred Tobiano pure Falabella.  She is the first daughter of Sky and Maverick, 7 years old and is registered with the FMHA, Haras(France), and the European Falabella studbook.  34" (86cm)

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 Ranscombes Bella Rosa 19 years old. SOLD TO PENDERFF EQUESTRIAN FRANCE

As company for an eventer..
 Bella is a beautiful Piebald pure bred Black Pinto Falabella. Bella was born in 1995.  She's bred us a beautiful daughter - Bafana Bafana to carry on her lines.
She is registered with the FMHA, Haras(France),IMHPS,British Falabella Studbook, DNA tested and 100% pure falabella blood.

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Micatos Opel SOLD TO THE UK

 'Minnie' s a super refined bay Appaloosa mare.  She is the half sister to our magnificant stallion Monty and from Toyland lines (USA)  


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Merrylegs Juanita  SOLD TO DUBAI

The name is Spanish for 'Gods Gift'

She was born on 21st May 2014 and is a beautiful Pintallosa (Pinto and Appalooss) filly.  Juanita is extremely fine and elegant.  

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Maple (Claddagh Lass) 25 years old SOLD TO FRANCE
Maple is 25 and came here from my friends farm in wales to retire.  She was once a lead rein horse for my friends own child so thats what she does here for our many happy holiday makers who visit our gite in the summer. Here's a link to our holiday cottage



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Merrylegs Jerónimo -  SOLD TO SWEDEN
This is a stunning - ( to die for!) - Black Leopard spotted appaloosa Falabella colt
Born 18th April to Falabella Fantasia (Fanny)  and RG Starlite Ganymede (Guiness  who is now in the UK) - this colt is fantastic.

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Merrylegs Irisado Cara Blanca (Iridescent white face) SOLD TO CYPRUS

Tom and Tippis' 1st born!. Born on 5th May this lovely Sabino colt with an extreme dished, bald face,  and white legs. We did want to keep him but he decided he wanted to go to Cyprus instead!.

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Huckleberry SOLD TO FRANCE

Huck is a very rare blue eyed bay appaloosa.  She is being sold as a pet only as despite costing a quite a bit as a two year old, she has never had a live foal.  We don't want to risk any more problems.

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