Merrylegs Immaculado SOLD TO THE UK

 Tiny and perfect.  Born on 12th April - Mac will be jet black.  His dam is Bafana Bafana  and his sire is Monty.
 our blue eyed Stallion. He is very very fine with a sweet arab type head. Macs father Monty.
is so superb that he has been used in the foundation breeding of top studs in Europe. We feel honored to have him. His dams lines go back directly to the famous 'Marler' lines

This colt  was 51cms at birth (20") so we expect him to stay quite small and to mature at under 32".

This is macs most recent video taken in Mid September



Get to know 'Mac' - a short video showing a few aspects of Macs  character! These snippets were taken when he was just 8 days old. Mac is a real character and always playing.  If he isn't stealing the dogs toys he's biting his little friends and looking for a romp!

These pictures were taken in July and September


These pictures were taken in June