falabella stallion P1012680a

 RG Starlite Ganymede SOLD TO THE UK
(Guiness for short) DOB 01/09/2008, Sire Falabella Yabito, Dam Falabella Peperina.  Guiness is perhaps the only Falabella 'fewspot' in Europe - This means he will always have Appaloosa foals'. He is ACCF registered.




Guiness is  100% pure Falabella blood. He is a five star stallion.He is registered with the British Falabella Studbook and also the ACCF - 'Asociacion de Criadores de Caballos Falabella'  which of course is accepted by the Falabella European Studbook (Stamboek). He is eligable for registration in any Falabella studbook in the world . To breed Appaloosa Falabellas is difficult as even if you have 2 Appaloosa horses - they might never have Appaloosa foals.. Guiness however will give them every time which is why he is so rare and special.