The Falabella Stamboek Europe Association was founded by its three initiators in 1995, and has been acknowledged by the ACCF parent studbook in Argentina, as well as by the PVE ministerial product board.  It is the official studbook registrator for this rare breed of miniature horse for all of Europe.  FSE provides registration and DNA reports for 100% purebred Falabellas across all of Europe has and has joined other non-profit making organisations besides the ACCF parent studbook, such as the British Falabella Studbook (BFS) and Falabella America (FMHA)


F a l a b e l l a I n s p e c t i o n R e g u l a t i o n s

The board members appoint the inspection committee for studbook entries and inspections.

Inspection Policy Lines
The board members determine the general terms and conditions, time, and location of inspection, and ensure timely notification of stakeholders.
Falabellas registered with FSE have access to the inspections. For purposes of inspection upon studbook entry, the criteria observed by veterinarians and inspectors upon potential detection of deviant mouth, knees, etc., have been defined as accurately as possible. Such in accordance with the veterinary inspection protocol appendix.

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Falabella Breeding Targets as issued by the Falabella Studbook Europe in Association with the ACCF

Continuation of 100% purebred Falabellas, in addition to promotion of breeding efforts concerning Falabella stock of a healthy constitution: a miniature horse with a correct,functional, and harmonic makeup, emanating health and vitality, and a friendly nature.The breeding targets consist of a number of characteristics:

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