Dutch Stamboek (European Falabella studbook)

A lot of our new pure bred babies are registered and passported with the European Studbook in Holland.  Why? - because they insist on DNA testing, they manage all ACCF ('Asociacion de Criadores de Caballos Falabella') registrations for Argentina, and they do not register part bred falabellas. 

The European Falabella studbook was the first to start DNA testing falabellas and has established a database of dna information with the Van Haeringen lab in Holland.

The European studbook is also trying to encourage the improvement of the breed by vetting stallions and rating horses using a point system so you can clearly see the good and bad points of your horses. 

ACCF ('Asociacion de Criadores de Caballos Falabella')
Some of our horses and their progeny are registered with the Argentinian studbookas well as the European studbook or the British Falabella studbook(BFS).  Our stallions Burt, Guiness, and Rocket are registered with them as well as our mare Fanny, Madi our youngster.

Other organisations

Our horses are eligable for registration with any other register in the world.  We do haoever chose to use only one of these and are very candid about the activities of some 'Falabella' studbooks out there.

We also register with the British Falabella studbook

They now call themselves 'The falabella studbook' I think now in fact and although we have many horses registered with them they are no longer allowed to issue passports  They are at the moment still however the sister register to the European studbook in Holland  - Please note though that they no longer use the same DNA lab.

 If you would like your foals to be registered with the British Falabella studbook, then please advise us and we can ensure this is done. as for the adults, our horses are fully accepted by them , and you are welcome to register them there once they are with you.

 What about the FMHA?- The Falabella Miniature Horse Association

Our horses are accepted by the American FMHA and many of our older stock is registered with them. Our studbook which is directly connected with Argentina  now insists on dna testing these horses and where possible their parnets too.  Of course anyone who buys one of our horses is free to register with the FMHA as well!