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In October 2014 we sent 3 of our lovely horses went to Sweden.  Hannah, Jugador and Jezebel.  They were all lovely characters and we miss them greatly.

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Isadora left here in September 2013 to join her new family in the Loire in France.  She fitted in with her new family at once and is much loved

Here she is with her new friend - a Polo pony











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frodIn 2011 Merrylegs fearless Frodo left for his new home in France.. His new owners love him.The 'thank you' on the next page is translated from french - 




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In November 2011 Great Gusto found his new home this is translated from the French- 2011-11-09_17.02b

 Good morning. Gus is very loved! It is very cuddly when I come home from work he has his little moment when he kisses is cute but the general is very jealous. We must make sure to give equal attention to both. All the world fall for him. Here are some pictures! It's very hard to take Gus's photo because he is like a pot of glue. Do not worry it is not and will not be unhappy in our family. I'll take care very well! by

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002In 2011 3 more of our horses went to Norway.  A 'mini herd' consiting of a beautiful Stallion - Maverick , his wife, Beamish (now called Mishmish) and her unborn daughter. 

This is what 'Evy' who bought the horses said about our stud..

I have been dreaming about having my own Falabellas since I was a young girl / teeanger. After 30 years the dream came true! The horses are all I could wish for, they are so beautiful, funny, easy to handle and to work with.




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DSC_0727aIn 2011 Looking Glass sky Blue Baby, her son Gerinomo and Looking Glass argentine Sunshine left me to go to their new home in Holland.  Sky and Sunny were my ini horses so it was very sad.  But I think they like it there!






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jacky_boya Once upon a time we had a very nervous pony called Jack.   He needed a good homewhere he could be loved and spoilt and along came Claire and family!








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In 2011 we exported threee of our babies to Northern Spain.  One Palomono colt, one Chestnut colt and  a blue eyed overo filly. They are called Flynn, Funny and Freja.  On the next page follows  the letter of thanks received from the Spanish family







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