002In 2011 3 more of our horses went to Norway.  A 'mini herd' consiting of a beautiful Stallion - Maverick , his wife, Beamish (now called Mishmish) and her unborn daughter. 

This is what 'Evy' who bought the horses said about our stud..

I have been dreaming about having my own Falabellas since I was a young girl / teeanger. After 30 years the dream came true! The horses are all I could wish for, they are so beautiful, funny, easy to handle and to work with.





 In April 2011 we went the long way to France to pick up the horses, staillion Maverick and Merrylegs Beamishchevious "mishmish". We had a  great time at Sharon and Bills place and too soon it was time to return  to Norway.  18th August Mishmish gave birth to a lovely filly, Biscottis Annie.
Thank you so much Sharon and Bill for your kindness and hospitality, paper work and everything that I never would have managed to get together myself.
Evy & Eric  

Here are pictures  of this lovely family