Riding & Driving Falabellas


Riding your Falabella! - First catch your horse.

Here are two young holiday makers staying on our Falabella ranch in France.  They are about to take Maple out.  Maple is a 23 year old pure bred Falabella and an experienced lead rein horse.


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bella Falabella and Gladys

  It sometimes doesn't always work out in the way that you expect!

But.. because of their calmer natures and their huge intelligence it is very easy to train a Falabella to pull a 2 wheel or even a 4 wheel cart.

The story here is Bella the black mare injured her leg just before she was due to have Gladys.  Nothing could be done until after she had the foal and just 2 weeks ago she was operated on.  the problem we now have is she needs to be forced to exercise - preferably up and down hills.  After 2 weeks of gentle excercise all round the only animal getting fit was me so I decided tp put Bella back in the cart she first pulled about 8 years ago.  We first of all tried pulling it next to her to see if she reacted and then on 24th July 2011 we hitched her up and gradually over half an hour started to drive her.

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 This is Pryse Princess Illusion (pure falabella mare) giving us a quick demo on how to be harnessed and drive!

We made this quick video below to show her new owners how to tack her up ready for driving.  They will of course seek professional help as well but this will help a bit hopefully and we do love showing our little driving horses off!





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